This page highlights a few of the projects I’ve worked on recently.


A medley of projects from my time as an undergrad at NITK.


Optimizing search strategies for symbolic execution | Rust

Worked on enabling rune leverage the single static assignment (SSA) form internally. This makes it easier to apply optimizations for path-based symbolic execution due to an enhanced expression tree. Constraints accumulated on a run from start_state to dst_addr are solved via an SMT solver like Z3.

Contributions lie in the optimized_solver branch.


Key based threshold cryptography for secret images | Python

An implementation of the algorithm detailed in this paper. This project provides the means of generating n encrypted image shares, such that any k of them can be used to reconstruct the original image.

During implementation we found quite a few bugs, which reinforced the divide between academia and the real world. Code here.


Confidentiality as a Service | Python

Based off of this paper, our project currently provides a guarantee of privacy while uploading files to CSPs. The scheme involves a combination of encryption and robust user access control. While we currently have integrations in place for Dropbox, the idea is easily extensibly to other cloud service providers.

Codebase here.


Competition platform and tools for an IEEE event | Python/Ruby

This blog post gives you the lowdown.


Course project in computer graphics, inspired by Blek for iPhone | C++

The goal is simple. Shape a line that collects all red circles avoiding black holes on its route. There are no specific moves that you need to master. To every level countless elegant solutions exist, from delightfully simple to exceptionally deep and complex.

Codebase here.

Open Source

Things I’ve contributed to. See Github for more.


Mozilla’s real-time digital forensics and investigation platform | Go

My contributions include unification of hash selection, decompression of files before content inspection and assorted doc fixes.


Unix-like reverse engineering framework and commandline tools | C

Added support for the Blowfish cipher.


The search engine that doesn’t track you | JavaScript, Perl

My contributions include an assortment of cheatsheets, bug-fixes and a minor Instant Answer.